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Call for applications - atelier 07

diskurs 07 – festival for performing arts, Boris Nikitin and Jan Ritsema (PAF) invite you to participate in the application for atelier 07. atelier 07 is a performative experiment held during this year’s festival aimed at contributing a production on the festival’s topic twilight apart from the invited productions.

quality time (qt)

atelier 07 will work on a performative presentation that is going to be shown during the festival.

What is quality? From The Man Without Qualities (Robert Musil) to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the issue of quality has been two-fold – a double bind, as it were: How is a producer, in the sense of an artist, to issue quality. We are aware that the quality of production is related to the quality of a production - but where is the praxis located, and how is the originary possibilitization (Georgio Agamben – the Man Without Content) opened?

The experiment that we wish to undertake revolves around the notion of quality time. During a seven day period, we propose to collect quality time – given a goal of making a presentation. The twilight aspect in this experiment is that we neither know what exactly quality time is nor know how to exactly create it. If, is it possible at all to create quality time for all participants.

There will be 2 phases:

(1) A preparation time of 6 weeks to discuss project conditions by e-mail and via the diskurs 07-Homepage; during this phase, we hope to collect proposals of strategy, working method, etc.
(2) In the second phase, Boris, Jan, and seven participants will congregate in Giessen for seven days of quality time. A presentation is to be assembled, which shall appear at the mid-point of the festival in Giessen.

atelier 07 is limited to 7 participants.
atelier 07 takes care of travelling expenses, food and accomodation.

Preparation: 27.8 – 3.10.2007.
Meeting in Giessen: 5.10 – 12.10, Presentation: 12.10.; Participants may stay until the end of the festival.
Duration of diskurs 07: 9.10. – 14.10.

Application: to apply for atelier 07 please send a text containing your thoughts, ideas and comments concerning the set up as described above. The text has to be written in English. Biographical notes are not necessary. Closing date is June 10th.
Selection: all the applications will be sent around to all applicants. All applicants and only the applicants, so not Boris and Jan either, will have 20 points to give to any or as many applicants as they want. The 7 who get the most points will be invited.
Send your text to;

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