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6th Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival

Dear Colleagues and Improvisation fans!

Here is the next opportunity to study and work with fantastic international teachers staff at the 6th Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival, between the 30th of June and the 7th of July, 2007 in Budapest, Hungary.

The festival that has been organized since 2002 is open for people with all abilities.
It welcomes beginners and professional dancers, performers, actors, musicians, composers, and those working with improvisation for long.

This years the teachers staff: Nita Little, Peter Pleyer, Sara Shelton Mann, Jess Curtis, Michaela Pein, Gál Eszter, Kálmán Ferenc, Sõrés Zsolt, Christina Klissiouni, Alicia Grayson, Sybrig Dokter, Szilágyi Ilka, Sabine Parzer, Mándy Ildikó, Hargitay Ákos, Andrea Keiz, Dóra Attila, Nils Butlmann, Kéri Judit, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Rhodri Davies.

Information about the festival (program, schedule, payments, accommodation, registration form, etc) can be found on the website (

With any question please write to
or call Eszter Gál on the +36 70 3389932.

Attention! Registration made before the 1st of June offers a lower price!
We kindly ask you to pass this information onto your colleagues and friends who might be interested.

Thanks and hope to welcome you in Budapest!
Eszter Gál

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